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A Guide to Employee Benefits for Your Group Practice
By Maureen Werrbach, LCPC on June 12, 2019

You’ve got employees you want to show your appreciation to and the profits to support it. You’re thinking about offering benefits but don’t know where to start. Benefits are a great way to support your employees beyond their paycheck. Be sure to talk with a local attorney before deciding on any one of these options, as there may be specific ways you need to set them up for your staff. Also, consult with your accountant before offering any benefits to ensure you can afford it. It is much harder to take a benefit away than it is to add. They can also walk you through setting up a structure around expectations (like minimum hours worked) to qualify for certain benefits. Further, consider getting a human resource (HR) adviser involved to aid in setting up and communicating benefits to your employees. They can be an excellent resource for determining which benefits to provide, making sure your benefits are clearly defined in your employee handbook, and ensuring that your policies are non-discriminatory.

When Should I Start Outsourcing in Private Practice?
By L. Gordon Brewer, Jr., MEd, LMFT on June 5, 2019

Most of us want a full caseload. We want a steady stream of referrals and to be able to have as many sessions as we can handle at the times we want to have them. That’s the dream!

Can a Virtual Assistant Help Your Practice?
By Allison Puryear, LCSW, CEDS on May 29, 2019

I could write this entire post as an ode to my Virtual Assistant (VA). I hired her when I knew I needed help, although I didn’t think I could really afford it and was worried that I wouldn’t have enough work to keep her busy enough to want to keep working with me. I was not totally confident in my boss skills; I’m a recovering people pleaser, but I slip every now and then.

Networking and Your Niche
By Allison Puryear, LCSW, CEDS on May 22, 2019

I love networking. LOVE it. It’s responsible for 90% of my referrals in private practice, tens of thousands of sessions, hundreds of recovery stories, and so many great lessons I’ve learned about the people I love to serve and how to do it well.

5 Simple Steps to Reach Your Ideal Therapy Client (Without Neglecting Other Potential Clients)
By Becky DeGrossa on May 15, 2019

Specialty pages on your website are your opportunity to prove to potential clients why you are the ideal person to help them with their problems. While it’s impossible to appeal to everyone, you'll be able to make an impression on your ideal clients—those people you know you want to work with. That’s the secret to therapist website content that many private practice owners miss; if you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll fail to fully engage those people who are most in need (and who are the closest to giving you a call).

Do You Know How Clients Feel About Your Clinicians?
By Maureen Werrbach, LCPC on May 8, 2019

As counselors and social service workers, one thing we learned in grad school was to check in with our clients at each session to see how they felt about the work being done during the session. We were taught that it was a way for us to get consistent feedback about the therapy process and our relationship with the client. As group practice owners, striking the right balance of providing clinicians with autonomy and ensuring that clients can give feedback about the practice and staff can sometimes feel like a tightrope walk.

Group Practice Talk: Do You Need Another Location or Just a Larger Space?
By Maureen Werrbach, LCPC on May 1, 2019

"I need more space!" Group practice owners often feel the need to grow after a slew of days referring clients out or squeezing that last therapist into some open slots. But this blog isn’t about the pressure of growth; if you feel pressured to grow, slow down and go back to your business plan. This blog is for those group owners who may be feeling the tight squeeze of an outgrown office space.

6 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Create Referrals
By Amanda Patterson, LMHC on April 24, 2019

If you’ve been using Facebook and Instagram to try to market your practice and haven't experienced success, you may want to look towards LinkedIn. 

7 Free Marketing Methods That Won't Make You Queasy
By Opher Ganel, Ph.D. on April 17, 2019

Oh no! The dreaded 'M' word!

If you’re like most therapists, you’re probably about as thrilled to market your practice as you are about going to the dentist. As a private practice owner, you know you have to do it, but boy, you sure wish you didn’t.

The Three S's for Scaling a Group Practice
By Maureen Werrbach, LCPC on April 11, 2019

You’ve built something. You’ve poured your time, energy, and life into building something bigger than you for yourself and for your community. You’ve chipped away at tasks, moved the needle forward bit by bit, and are finally getting the hang of business ownership (mostly).

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