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Transitioning to a new EHR can be a daunting task, whether you're migrating from a different EHR or beginning to use electronic records for the first time. Many people have questions about what the implementation process is like, how long it can take, what they can do to prepare, or if making the transition is the right choice for them. 

Our implementation team is here to help! Just like a strong therapeutic alliance is important for successful treatment outcomes, a good fit with your EHR can significantly impact the growth of your practice. Let us show you why TherapyNotes is trusted by thousands of mental health professionals by scheduling a quick consultation. Afterwards, if you decide TherapyNotes is the right fit, we'll be happy to set aside time to provide you with a full product demonstration. Consultations run approximately 20 minutes and allow you to ask questions about how TherapyNotes can fit the unique needs of your practice. Or, if you would rather talk to one of our Customer Success specialists immediately, please call (215) 658-4550 and choose option 1 for sales.


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