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8/4/21 Known Bugs

There are two urgent bugs that we wanted to bring to your attention. These were introduced in the 4.70 release and are being fixed urgently.

  1. If you select in a note “Patient denies all areas of risk. No contrary clinical indications present.” this information will not be present at all if you view, print, or download the note. We are urgently working to fix this bug. The note itself is saved correctly, and once the bug is resolved your notes will display and print as intended. Please be aware of this if you print or download any notes before it is fixed.
  2. When editing a patient, the checkbox “Patient/guardian has signed HIPAA NPP” is sometimes displaying as “Patient/guardian has not signed HIPAA NPP”. Once you save your changes the text is displayed correctly. Please be mindful of this when selecting this option, and be sure your changes are saved as expected.
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