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TherapyNotes™ 4.33: Supervision Billing Enhancements

By TherapyNotes, LLC on February 23, 2018

Unpacking Billing for Your Therapy Hour: 90834 vs. 90837

By TherapyNotes, LLC on February 22, 2018

One of the latest trends in insurance billing is increased scrutiny of billing for the therapy hour. Payers including Highmark BCBS and Anthem have sent letters to providers who they deem to be high submitters of 90837 with a warning that claims billed as 90837 could be subject to additional review and re-submission requirements. While the payers emphasized that these letters are meant to be educational, many providers interpreted their warnings as imminent threats against the use of 90837.

New TherapyNotes™  System Status Page

By TherapyNotes, LLC on February 9, 2018

As part of our initiative to improve customer communication, we are happy to announce the launch of our system status page. Here we will provide updates on system performance, scheduled maintenance, and any events that may impact your service. Please bookmark this page:

Performance and Reliability Updates

By Brad Pliner on February 5, 2018

Over the past couple of weeks, TherapyNotes has been experiencing technical difficulties that resulted in slow performance, error pages, and a couple of outages. Resolving these issues have been our top priority. Initially it was very difficult to track down the causes of the problems, so we have extended great efforts to leave no stone unturned, reviewing the web servers, the database, the networking equipment, and the TherapyNotes software itself. We have made a lot of improvements that I would like to share with you.

New Data Center and TherapyNotes™ Infrastructure Upgrades

By TherapyNotes, LLC on February 5, 2018

We are pleased to announce that on Sunday, February 11 we will be moving to a new data center with all-new network hardware.

TherapyNotes™ 4.32: Stability and Performance Improvements

By TherapyNotes, LLC on February 5, 2018

TherapyNotes 4.32 includes a number of performance optimizations and bug fixes based on our investigations to improve stability and performance. It also includes a feature allowing you to sort the columns on a patient’s Documents tab. Behind the scenes, it also makes major steps towards offering the ability for patients to sign paperwork on the portal.

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