New Year's Reflections

By Brad Pliner on January 4, 2017
2016 TherapyNotes Year In Review

As we start the new year, it's a great time to reflect on 2016 and discuss our outlook for 2017. Our company now consists of 30 full-time team members, up from 25 at the beginning of the year, all working diligently to bring our customers the best possible TherapyNotes experience.

In 2016 our Development Department implemented hundreds of enhancements to TherapyNotes, including significant portal and billing upgrades. A significant amount of our energy went towards application performance and architectural improvements to more easily support the tens of thousands of clinicians who use TherapyNotes and to be prepared for continued growth. Additionally, we made significant progress on architectural upgrades to make it easier for our growing development team to work together. This sets the stage for 2017 which will be a year full of new features for TherapyNotes. The highest priority feature we are working on is being able to complete intake paperwork on the client portal (aka patient portal).

Our Customer Success Department strives to provide the best possible customer service, and our customer reviews consistently acknowledge their efforts. Very rarely does someone wait more than 90 seconds on hold when they call in, and more often than not they go directly to a live person. In 2016 we grew our team significantly and further expanded our evening support hours. We have several initiatives planned for 2017 to allow us to continue to provide stellar support. We hope to offer our customers even longer support hours in the future as well.

In 2016 our IT Department deployed many new servers and new networking infrastructure, and we recently rolled out Cloudflare to greatly improve our security. We had some brief outages a few months ago, and we have been working diligently to minimize the possibility of future interruptions in service. In 2017 we will continue investing wherever necessary to continue maximizing the stability, security, and performance of TherapyNotes.

Last year the Communications Department launched the TherapyNotes Blog, and we have written (or rewritten) numerous articles in the TherapyNotes Help Center. In 2017 we will continue to increase these efforts in order to better communicate with our customers. I encourage you to sign up for email notifications for our blog, and of course please follow us on social media.

As much as we are excited by our growth this past year, we are not sitting idly by. Our plans are to grow from 30 to 50 team members by the end of 2017 so that we can further accelerate our growth and to allow us to add new features faster.

I would like to welcome our thousands of new customers that signed up in 2016, thank all of our loyal customers, and wish everyone a happy new year!


Best regards,
Brad Pliner, President
TherapyNotes, LLC

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