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TherapyNotes™ Update: Note Auto-Save

By TherapyNotes, LLC on October 4, 2018

With our newest feature, TherapyNotes™ will now automatically save your note content as you're working, allowing you to recover data if you haven't saved the note yourself. So, if your computer crashes or you accidentally close your browser, you won't lose all of your work. When you create or edit a new note for which there is auto-save data, you'll be asked if you want to restore the most recent auto-saved content and resume editing, or continue without the auto-saved data.

Please do not rely on this feature, such as intentionally closing your browser without saving, expecting to resume where you left off. The note content is only auto-saved about every 60 seconds (subject to change). Therefore, we strongly recommend saving your notes as drafts whenever you intend to leave the page and return later. Further, the auto-saved content is only saved on our servers temporarily, currently about 24 hours (also subject to change).

Your auto-saved data is not limited by location, device, or browser—as long as you're logged in to your TherapyNotes™ account, you'll have access to your auto-saved drafts. So if your PC at work crashes, and you log into your iPad at home, you will be able to resume your notes.

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