Therapy Office Décor and Budgeting

One aspect of starting a group practice that many folks don’t always consider up front is...
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Stacks of coins increasing in height
Navigating Rate Increases in Group Practice
At some point in your group practice ownership journey, you’re going to have to navigate...
Things to Know When Moving to a New Location
As your group practice grows, you may eventually need to expand your original location or...
Illustrated piggy banks, one in business attire and one enjoying personal leisure
Should You Have Separate Business Bank Accounts?
As a therapist starting or running your own practice, you may have wondered whether it’s...
Illustrated scissors cutting a tax document
How to Maximize Tax Write-Offs for Therapists
As a therapist, keeping track of your finances can bring up a lot of difficult feelings....
Illustrated knight guarding a laptop
Why Therapists Should Get a Cyber Policy Today or Risk Losing Their Practice
As the pandemic shook the world and the economy, businesses were left with two choices:...
Strategies for Increasing Revenue Without Increasing Services
Many group practice owners are struggling to hire clinicians in the wake of COVID-19, and...
Wallet dumping coins into an insurance-branded coin purse
Insurance Billing and Mental Health Deductibles
Mental health deductibles can be extremely annoying, to say the least!
Illustrated coin chained to shackle, mimicking a ball and chain
Is Your Money Mindset Holding You Back?
When it comes to the topic of money, we can sometimes get kind of “squirrely." After all,...
Two illustrated people interviewing via phone
6 Tips for Improving Your Interviewing System
One of the trickiest parts of owning a group practice is building a solid interviewing...

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