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TherapyNotes™ 4.45: Staff Page Updates and General Improvements

By TherapyNotes, LLC on February 13, 2019
TherapyNotes 4.45 - General Improvements and Maintenance

TherapyNotes 4.45 includes numerous interface improvements, bug fixes, and behind-the-scenes work for major upcoming projects. Here are some key changes for this release:

  • We've made numerous interface improvements to the Staff pages, including the addition of new fields for Work Phone, Home Address, and Comments for each staff member, to help practices maintain information about their staff.
  • When hovering your cursor over a staff member's name in TherapyNotes, the new comments field will appear in the tooltip. Use this for quick access to comments from anywhere staff members are displayed.
  • The payer tooltip now also displays any comments stored for the payer for convenient access.
  • Marital Status is no longer required for a patient in order to submit claims electronically.
  • When selecting a provider for a new real time eligibility (RTE) request, the Provider dropdown now defaults to "The Practice (Type II)," which will typically yield more robust eligibility results, and inactive clinicians and clinicians without NPIs on file are now excluded from the dropdown.
  • We've added a new popup notification to share what's new in the latest version of TherapyNotes, which will appear anywhere in TherapyNotes instead of displaying only on the home page. Instead of trying to share everything there, it will give a brief description and encourage you to view a blog article like this one.
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