TherapyNotes™ 4.56: Payments View Mode, Automatic Eligibility Enrollment, Upload ERA, and More

By TherapyNotes, LLC on April 16, 2020

While working remotely, our team continues to make headway towards big feature initiatives and improvements throughout the software to continue enhancing your TherapyNotes™ experience. Power users will likely notice numerous refinements, but here are the key changes in TherapyNotes™ 4.56:


  • Our new View mode for payments improves the experience for viewing existing patient and insurance payments to be cleaner and load faster. When viewing a payment, click anywhere to enter Edit mode.
  • Real-Time Eligibility enrollment is now completely automated for most payers, allowing you to start checking your patient's insurance coverage without any setup process. Use the Verify Eligibility button on a patient’s Billing Settings tab to quickly verify insurance benefits. Please contact  support to enable Real-time Eligibility, or wait until next week when we enable it for all practices.
  • You can now upload ERA files manually from the ERA page by clicking the Upload ERA button in the upper right corner. While it's much easier to have ERA files sent directly to TherapyNotes™ for processing, this feature may not be supported by all payers you work with. In these cases, you may be able to download the ERA file from their payer portal, which you can now upload into TherapyNotes™. TherapyNotes™ ERA processing rates still apply. Please contact  support to enable this feature, or keep an eye out for it next week.
  • The Pre-Authorization Report no longer offers an expiration date filter. Because the filter showed expired pre-authorizations but not their active replacements, this filter may have been confusing for many users. We will be making significant improvements to pre-authorizations in a future release.


  • The Appointment Reminder History link is now always available on the appointment dialog. Previously, access to the Appointment Reminder History was hidden when the appointment was marked as missed.
  • The patient Excel export now includes additional columns for Race, Languages, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Comments, allowing more flexibility for external processes and reporting.
  • When patients turn 18, a To-Do list reminder is now created.
  • A bounced email warning is now displayed on the Patient list and the Patient Info tab as a yellow email warning icon.

Accounts and Users

  • Storage Mode is now built into TherapyNotes™. Instead of customers needing to call TherapyNotes™ sales to go into Storage Mode, this is now a self-service process. Storage Mode is for practices that need to maintain access to their records but no longer require all of our software's robust practice management features. Storage Mode is $9/month for the first user and $3/month per additional user who still needs access to records.  For more information, read TherapyNotes Pricing and Subscription Options on our help center.
  • Intern, Assistant, or Associate are now accepted in the title for "intern" users. Until now, users with the Intern role have been required to have the term "Intern" in their title.
  • A bounced email warning is now displayed on the Staff list and the Staff Info tab as a yellow email warning icon. Additionally, a To-Do reminder will be displayed to the affected user and Practice Administrators if a user's email has bounced.
  • Accounts with multiple Practice Administrators are now able to use the automated password reset process to expedite password resets. Although we prefer you contact another administrator in your practice to reset your password, we recognize this isn't always possible. Be sure to remember your password or use password management software.

Coming Soon!

  • Telehealth is progressing strongly. We've successfully built the foundation to form secure, reliable connections between call participants and are currently working to allow clinicians and patients to join sessions from their TherapyNotes™ and TherapyPortal™ accounts. We will release this feature as a free beta very soon. Check out a screenshot of our progress below!
  • Many patient portal improvements are in the works. In the next release of TherapyNotes™, patients will be able to provide patient contacts (emergency contacts, etc.) over the portal. Credit card authorizations, HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices agreements, and more will follow. We have also been polishing the user experience for patients using the portal and for practices processing portal requests.
  • North Carolina HealthConnex support is wrapping up now.
  • Patient's insurance settings are being overhauled to add many new features including better support multiple insurance plans and the ability to retain information about previous insurance plans. This is closely related to improvements to pre-authorizations and many additional billing improvements that will follow.
  • Plus so much more!

* The content of this post is intended to serve as general advice and information. It is not to be taken as legal advice and may not account for all rules and regulations in every jurisdiction. For legal advice, please contact an attorney.


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