How Out-of-Network Electronic Claims Keep You and Your Clients Happy

By TherapyNotes, LLC on December 15, 2016
Out-of-Network Electronic Claims TherapyNotes

Let's face it: Working with insurance can seem like a hassle.

Instead, you may choose to bill clients directly, handing them a CMS-1500 form or a superbill at the end of the session and carrying on with your work.

However, as soon as the form leaves your hands, all of the insurance-related work you hope to avoid is forced onto your client, who is now responsible for submitting the form to insurance, handling any rejections, and awaiting reimbursement. Plus, the extra time needed to print, review, and sign the form reduces the time you have available between sessions, making the entire process time-consuming, inefficient, and frustrating for both you and your client.

But, don't worry; there's a solution that's better for everyone. You can send electronic claims even if you aren't paneled with insurance!

Electronic Out-of-Network Claims: Better for Everyone

When your client visits for their session, you'll collect your full fee and document the session just as you always have. But, rather than spending valuable time printing, reviewing, and signing paperwork after your session, you'll submit all your claims in one easy step at the end of the day.

Instead of mailing a paper claim, it gets sent electronically. That's it. There are no additional responsibilities, no extra dealings with the insurance company, and no unhappy clients waiting for payment. As an added bonus, helping your client establish a routine of getting reimbursed regularly and rapidly means a significant increase in your client satisfaction and retention.

Benefits for you:

  • No need to print paper claims during your sessions
  • Submit all of your insurance claims at once in a couple of clicks instead of one at a time
  • Better client retention due to reduced frustration and more prompt payments
  • Better client experience means better branding for your practice

Benefits for your client:

  • Nothing to worry about but cashing a check
  • Gets paid much faster
  • More likely to be reimbursed
  • No stress associated with dealing with the claims process
  • Can't forget to mail their claims
  • Finds out sooner if there is an issue with coverage before too many sessions occur

Sending Out-of-Network Claims Electronically Through TherapyNotes

Submitting claims through TherapyNotes is as simple as the click of a button. The only cost? A 14-cent fee per claim. There is no minimum number of claims, so you can send just a couple claims per week if that's all you need.

But we're not passionate about sending claims electronically because of 14 cents. (Most of that just covers our costs to send claims.) What we are passionate about is helping you run your practice more efficiently and give your clients the best possible level of service. By sending electronic claims, you'll gain more time to spend with your client and prevent unnecessary frustration for less than the cost of a stamp. (Plus, it's entirely paperless!)

If you're not entirely convinced, try submitting claims for a single payer in TherapyNotes and see for yourself. (If you're in your free trial, claims are free to submit!) You'll save both you and your client a lot of hassle.

I'm Convinced! Now What?

  • Enable EDI from the Practice Billing Settings page
  • Add Payers and set their submission method to EDI, selecting to enroll in EDI if necessary
  • Enter your client's insurance card information on their Billing Settings tab
  • Go to the Submit EDI Claims page to submit claims that are ready to go
  • Visit the EDI Claim History page to check the status of claims, when desired

For an even more efficient workflow, use TherapyNotes' fully-integrated credit card processing feature. There are no cumbersome payments or paperwork to deal with during your sessions. Simply charge your client's card and submit the claim after the client has left your office.

For detailed instructions on sending claims electronically to out-of-network payers in TherapyNotes, read How To: Submit Out-of-Network Claims Electronically from our Help Center. Or, as always, please contact us with any questions.

The bottom line? Neither you nor your clients need additional stress. Save time, stay happy, and send electronic claims.

* The content of this post is intended to serve as general advice and information. It is not to be taken as legal advice and may not account for all rules and regulations in every jurisdiction. For legal advice, please contact an attorney.


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