TherapyNotes 4.18: Usability Improvements, Argonaut Customer Transition, and More

By TherapyNotes, LLC on November 21, 2016
TherapyNotes 4.18 What's New

Payment Method Selection Simplified: When entering an insurance payment or a patient payment, the Payment Method options have been consolidated into a single dropdown menu with revised wording to be less confusing. Further, when entering a patient refund there are now options to refund directly to a credit card or record the refund only.

Add-On Code Units: Previously, multiple instances of the same add-on code were added for each unit. Now, once an add-on code has been added to the note header, the unit quantity may be entered in a new field next to the add-on code.

TherapyPortal Updates: On, form fields have been updated with new, cleaner design as we continue to prepare for significant changes to the client portal. Further, when searching for client portal activities in the Activity Log, Practice Administrators will now see the portal user associated with that activity. 

HSA Cards Added: Support for more HSA cards have been added to our credit card processing features. If you have difficulty charging HSA cards, please contact support with the first 4 digits.

Argonaut Conversion Path to TherapyNotes: On November 1, we announced an agreement with Argonaut Software, LLC to provide Argonaut customers with an upgrade path to TherapyNotes. In order to provide customers with a smooth transition between systems and to limit interruptions in the customers' practice operations, we dedicated a portion of our development resources to creating a tool to import Argonaut data such as patient information and insurance data into TherapyNotes. Welcome aboard Argonauts!

Private Browsing Mode Warning: Private browsing significantly impacts TherapyNotes performance and should not be used. This web browser feature does not improve the security of your connection to TherapyNotes, as the name may imply. Safari users are especially impacted by this performance issue and will therefore see a warning on the TherapyNotes login page if private browsing is enabled. Additional information on how to disable private browsing is available on our Help Center.

As with all updates, this version also includes a number of bug fixes and minor improvements.

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