Numerous Notes Upgrades and More!

By TherapyNotes, LLC on May 10, 2011

This extensive round of upgrades is primarily for the Notes features of TherapyNotes.

  • Improved interface to specify "Other Attendees", including an option to indicate if the patient was not present
  • Intake Notes: Two new demographics fields: Trauma History and Strengths/Liabilities
  • Intake Notes and Psychiatry Progress Note: Orientation pull-down options are now more explicit, instead of just X3, X2, etc.
  • Psychotherapy Treatment Plan: Added "Treatment Strategy / Interventions" per objective
  • Psychotherapy Intake Note: Renamed "Chief Complaint" to "Presenting Problem". Your Intake Note "Presenting Problem" now copies over to new Treatment Plans.
  • Psychotherapy Progress Note: Interpersonal options reordered so "Interactive" is first
  • Psychiatric medications added to spell-check dictionary
  • Psychiatric medications added to pull-downs for quick selection
  • Added clinician type for user accounts: "Nurse Practitioner - Psychiatry"
  • Patient age is displayed on the patient info page in years, months, and days, for quick reference
  • When selecting a state, your practice's state will be at the top of the pull-down to easy data entry
  • Numerous tweaks and bug fixes, especially focused on notes

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