TherapyNotes Adds Secondary Insurance Support Plus New Medication Field on Progress Notes!

By TherapyNotes, LLC on December 8, 2013

Secondary Insurance

This release adds our most requested feature to TherapyNotes, full support for secondary insurance. This includes the ability to send electronic claims or generate paper claims (CMS forms).

The first step to take advantage of this feature is to review your insurance provider settings. Add or edit insurance providers that you want to send secondary claims to, making sure their payer id is intact. Next you need to update your patient's billing settings by entering their secondary insurance information. This interface has been updated to be more like the primary insurance settings - for example allowing you to select the payer from a pulldown menu.

The process of sending an electronic claim is the same. You only send the claim once, and the clearinghouse will automatically coordinate getting the claim to both the primary and secondary payers. If you need to send the secondary claim by paper then wait for the primary to respond, and then generate a CMS form for the second. One way to do that is from the billing tab of the appointment. All TherapyNotes features were updated as needed to fully support secondary payers such as the revenue report or the interface for entering payments from insurance providers.

New Medication Field on Psychotherapy Progress Notes

The psychotherapy progress note now has a field to document any medication information for your patients, such as current prescriptions. The History button will be especially useful for this field. The History button will also show you what was entered on the intake note's medication field. This field can be left blank if you do not wish to use it and it will not display if the note is printed. This field is completely independent from the much more robust interface available on the psychiatric progress notes.

TheraQuick Announcement

Our friends at StarQuick Solutions have discontinued TheraQuick practice management software. StarQuick is advising all TheraQuick customers to upgrade to We will be assisting TheraQuick customers to migrate their data. More details will be provided next week regarding that process.

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