TherapyNotes Now Supports Add-On Service Codes

By TherapyNotes, LLC on January 27, 2013

Adding support for add-on codes affected all areas of TherapyNotes and turned out to be a much larger project than we originally projected. We really appreciate everyone's patience with this update. We are very pleased with how this update turned out. Numerous interfaces have been enhanced or redesigned to support add-on codes.

CPT codes for 2013 introduced the concept of add-on codes. An add-on code is to document services provided to the client above and beyond the primary service. The most likely add-on CPT code to be used by psychotherapists would be +90785 for interactive complexity. Psychiatrists will also likely have add-on codes if they provide E/M and therapy during the session. Service codes are generally written with a plus sign before them.

Practice admins need to review the service codes settings page, adding service codes as needed. There is a checkbox to indicate if a code is an add-on code. TherapyNotes will not automatically add any codes to your account.

While doing the note for the appointment, the clinician must specify add-on codes by editing the note header. Only the primary code is entered when scheduling an appointment. Once a note is created, the add-on codes can no longer be changed from the appointment dialog. You can now edit any existing notes to add the add-on codes if desired.

Additionally, numerous minor improvements and bug fixes throughout all areas of TherapyNotes have been implemented.

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