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TherapyNotes 4.29: DSM-5 Update and Improved Documents Tab Interface

By TherapyNotes, LLC on October 30, 2017

October 2017 DSM-5 Update

In the APA's latest update to the DSM, one existing ICD-10 code was changed, the descriptions of 12 existing codes were updated, and 29 new codes were added. The diagnoses available in TherapyNotes were previously updated to reflect these changes. For details about the specific changes, please refer to the DSM-5 Update provided by the APA.

Improved Documents Tab Interface

In preparation for upcoming improvements to the client portal, we've made changes to the interface on the Documents tab. These changes allow for greater flexibility in the information displayed for notes and files. Here are the primary changes:

  • The Document Type column has been renamed to Document. This column still lists each note and uploaded file associated with the client, but the column header has been updated for greater accuracy and brevity.
  • The Clinician column has been renamed to Author/Type to more accurately describe the column's purpose. The information displayed in this column has not changed.
  • The Service column has been removed. Now, service codes can be found next to the title of the note in the Document column.
  • A new Status column has been added. Currently, this column displays whether a note is a draft pending action by the author, a draft pending action by the supervisor, or signed by either the author of the note or the supervisor. In the future, this column will also display the status of documents sent to clients via TherapyPortal.

These updates accompany minor improvements and bug fixes along with continued behind-the-scenes work on the client portal.

New around here? See this update in action.

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