TherapyNotes™ 4.51: Psychiatry Treatment Plan No Longer Required, Boosted Billing Performance, and More

By TherapyNotes, LLC on September 5, 2019

Psychiatry Treatment Plan No Longer Required

Medication management users in TherapyNotes™, such as psychiatrists and nurse practitioners, are no longer suggested or required to write treatment plans. Our Psychiatry Treatment Plan template is still available for medication management users to use if desired, but we will likely phase it out in the future. This change was made to better suit the standard psychiatry workflow, and we have plenty more coming for our prescribers.

Billing Performance Improvements

We've implemented several changes in this release to significantly improve the performance of viewing and searching for billing data. These improvements solve timeout issues that larger practices may have encountered with particular pages (such as the Mark External Items page), search filters (such as searching for patients with open balances), and billing functions (such as editing insurance or patient payments).

Early Two-Factor Authentication Prompt

Now, if you have two-factor authentication enabled for your account, we'll alert you when you log in to your account starting five days before your 2FA token expires so that you can renew your token when it's most convenient for you. Renewing your token early may help you avoid extra stress if you find yourself needing urgent access to your account after your 2FA token has expired.

Other Improvements

This release also includes numerous improvements that help make TherapyNotes™ even easier to use. Here are key changes you may notice:

  • We've redesigned the Notes tab when you open a date of service. Rather than a plain list of links, this tab now looks more like your To-Do list and clearly shows you the name and status of any completed notes related to the appointment.
  • When creating a Psychotherapy Progress Note, if the most recent treatment plan for the patient requires a supervisor's signature but has not yet been signed by a supervisor, we now show an alert that the progress note should not be completed until the treatment plan has been signed by a supervisor.
  • On our new Patient Information Form, we've added placeholder text to the Preferred Name field to make it more clear to your patients that the field is optional.
  • When creating a patient contact with an international address, you can now enter non-US states in the City/State field.

There's a lot of work we've done behind-the-scenes for other initiatives, too. Stay tuned to learn more about these initiatives as they're released!

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