TherapyNotes™ 4.55: MIPS, Pre-Authorization Report, and More

By TherapyNotes, LLC on March 12, 2020

MIPS and the Mental and Behavioral Health Registry

We now offer MIPS reporting services! Medicare providers, you may be able to increase your reimbursements by up to 9%, and avoid a 9% penalty. In partnership with the American Psychological Association (APA), we support reporting to the Mental and Behavioral Health Registry (MBHR) which allows practitioners to track quality outcomes on their patients utilizing measures that are the most meaningful to behavioral health. Learn more about how TherapyNotes™ makes MIPS reporting easy.

New Pre-Authorization Report

We've added a brand-new report to make it easy for billers to track pre-authorizations. As a Practice Biller, you can use the pre-authorization report to gather data about all pre-authorizations added to your TherapyNotes™ account, filter by Payer and Expiration Date, and easily see which pre-authorizations may need to be renewed. Your report can be sorted in TherapyNotes™ to see exactly the information you need and exported as an Excel spreadsheet for use outside of TherapyNotes™.

To start using this new feature, visit the Billing page and click the Pre-Authorization Report link under More Reports. To learn more, visit our help center and read How To Create a Pre-Authorization Report.

Improved File Viewing Experience

Similar to PDF files, uploaded image files such as JPGs and PNGs can now be viewed directly in TherapyNotes™ without needing to download the image first. Simply click on the image name on a patient's Documents tab, a staff user's Files tab, or your Library to open a page that includes a preview of the image and additional details.

Additionally, we've removed some redundant icons from our PDF viewer on both TherapyNotes™ and TherapyPortal™, which will reduce confusion when patients are accessing files on the portal.

Other Improvements

As always, this release includes numerous other improvements and fixes to help make your TherapyNotes™ experience even better. Here are the key changes:

  • Phone appointment reminders now use AI-driven text-to-speech technology to create a more natural-sounding voice for appointment reminder messages.
  • The label for "Birth Sex" in a patient's chart has been renamed to "Administrative Sex" to accommodate updated regulations that respect that "birth sex" may not reflect the legal sex of the patient.
  • The fields for Race and Languages on a patient's chart have been updated with a more user-friendly design. To add Race or Languages on the Patient Info tab, begin typing in the corresponding field and select from the list of suggested matches. Additional selections can be added by clicking the plus icon next to the list of existing selections, and existing selections can be removed by clicking the X icon.
  • We fixed a bug that caused real time eligibility verification requests for a patient's secondary insurance to result in an error.
  • We corrected an issue in which add-on codes were being shown in the Service column of the Documents tab in a patient's chart. The Service column now always shows the primary service code associated with the note.
  • All spreadsheets exported from TherapyNotes™ now use the file extension .XLSX (compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 and newer) instead of .XLS. This allows us to support significantly larger spreadsheets.
  • The exported spreadsheet of Payments Leading to this Revenue on a revenue report now includes information about the payer associated with a payment or refund.
  • The Symptoms Being Treated information for Medication Moving Forward on the Psychiatry Progress Note can now be edited regardless of the selected Changes to the medication in the Existing Prescribed Medication section. This allows prescribers to update information about the use of the medication without making changes to the prescription as a whole.
  • When non-clinical users such as Practice Schedulers and Practice Billers visit the Patients page, the page no longer automatically shows a list of all patients in the practice. This prevents unintentional or unnecessary exposure to PHI and reduces page load times.
  • We are continuing our limited rollout for North Carolina’s HealthConnex HIE. Once testing has concluded with North Carolina and these practices, we will make this service available to all of our North Carolina users.

* The content of this post is intended to serve as general advice and information. It is not to be taken as legal advice and may not account for all rules and regulations in every jurisdiction. For legal advice, please contact an attorney.


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