What's New 4.68: Scheduling Enhancements, Patient Aging Report Improvements, and More!

By TherapyNotes, LLC on May 19, 2021


  • TherapyNotes™ Telehealth can now optionally be enabled by default for all new appointments, making it faster to create new appointments. Practice Admins can enable this on the Telehealth Settings page or separately per location from the Multiple Practice Locations Settings page.
  • When many people are on vacation on the same day, the vacation markers on the calendars are now consolidated into a single item. This is especially helpful for larger practices with busy calendars.
  • After creating an appointment, the calendar will automatically scroll so that the appointment is displayed on the screen if needed.
  • You can now use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+N (Windows) or Ctrl+Opt+N (Mac or iPad) to create a new appointment from the Scheduling page.

Appointment Reminders

  • Email appointment reminders now look better on Microsoft Outlook email clients.
  • The phone numbers we use for voice appointment reminders are now all enrolled in the STIR/SHAKEN framework, which means carriers will be less likely to think reminder calls are spam. Some clients may even see “Caller Verified” on their device depending on carrier.


  • Practices can now select if they want their logo to appear in the portal header instead of their practice name. Practice Admins can visit the updated Client Portal Settings page to preview this and decide if they want to enable it for your practice.
  • The portal is now smarter about displaying your practice’s cancellation and rescheduling instructions. Using your Client Portal Settings, your custom Cancellation Policy text is shown when a patient views the Appointment Details page for any appointment on your portal in addition to dynamic messaging to make patients aware of your practice’s need for advance notice of cancellations. If a patient tries to cancel or reschedule with less than the required notice, a confirmation message will be shown asking them to acknowledge the cancellation policy and the possibility of being charged a fee for the late notice.
  • Clients will no longer see a Reschedule button for Consultations and Psychological Evaluation appointments, as rescheduling these was already unsupported. They will instead see instructions to contact the practice.


  • We’ve made it a little easier to process credit cards for open balances. The Patient Aging Report now displays a credit card icon for all patients that have a balance and a card on file. Click the icon to enter a patient payment in a new tab, which will have the balance entered for you. Once you quickly charge the card, simply close the tab to get back to the Patient Aging Report, and you can work down the list. Further, you can now search the Patient Aging Report to only show patients that have a card on file. We will be making more improvements to this process in future updates.
  • We've introduced some behind-the-scenes improvements to electronic remittance advice (ERA) to make viewing ERA in TherapyNotes™ much faster.

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