What's New 5.0: TherapyNotes™ ePrescribe is Here!

By TherapyNotes, LLC on March 2, 2022
Medications in prescription bottles


We are excited to release TherapyNotes™ ePrescribe! We are rolling it out slowly, starting with practices that signed up to be early adopters. We will reach out to you when you're next in line and we will walk you through the process. Assuming everything goes smoothly we will enable ePrescribe for as many customers as possible. We intend to allow all customers to enable ePrescribe themselves in TherapyNotes 5.1. We have also updated our phone extensions adding a dedicated line to our ePrescribe team.

Update Please note that early access for ePrescribe is now closed. But don't worry; you'll be able to enable ePrescribe for your practice very soon!

TherapyNotes™ ePrescribe costs $65/month per prescriber and allows prescribers to:

  • Prescribe medications safely from within TherapyNotes, with automatic alerts for allergy and drug interactions.
  • Document patient-reported medications and have them included in the drug interaction checks.
  • See your patients' coverage and formulary information while writing a prescription.
  • Access your patients' full medication histories.
  • Receive pharmacy notifications directly in your To-Do list.
  • Save your commonly used prescriptions as "Favorites" for easy and fast re-use later with any patient.


  • Supervisors will now be able to see their last round of feedback when reviewing an updated note which was previously rejected.
  • Clinicians and Interns will also see feedback while editing a note which was previously rejected by a supervisor.
  • Many additional text area fields across note templates now allow up to 50,000 characters. We will complete this transition in release 5.1.
  • Clinicians will receive a To-Do List Item to create a Termination Note for patients who only had Consultation Notes. Previously only patients with Intake Notes or Progress Notes would receive this To-Do List Item.


  • Numerous improvements and bug fixes have been made following the major billing changes we made in recent updates related to patient Billing Settings.
  • We have shortened the Payer Info tab to read "Info" and Payer Billing to "Billing" to ensure consistency with recent changes to the Patient Info tab.


  • The "User Info" and "To-Do List" tabs on a staff user's profile have been similarly renamed to simply "Info" and "To-Do" to ensure consistency.


  • The TherapyPortal theme-matching background color was removed for a more modern and user-friendly look and feel.

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