What's New 5.1: Maintenance Release

By TherapyNotes, LLC on April 7, 2022
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TherapyNotes™ 5.1 contains a variety of enhancements across all areas of TherapyNotes™, including Billing, To-Do Lists, ePrescribe, and more.


  • Each of a patient's insurance policies can now have their own comments. Instead of using the single "Billing Comments" field to track all notes for a patient's policies, these notes can now be associated with the relevant policy. This field supports up to 50,000 characters (per policy).
  • Throughout various billing pages the fields for Clinician, Payer, and Location have been upgraded to the "autocomplete" style pulldown instead of the generic browser pulldown. This is especially helpful when you have many options to choose form.
  • A bug has been fixed in which rates set to $0.00 displayed as "Not set" in the Search Billing Transaction report.
  • The Revenue Report's "Payments Leading to This Revenue" dialog now includes transaction IDs for ACH/Wire and external credit card payments.
  • If you were previously on our old credit card gateway, we have migrated all of your stored credit cards to the new platform so that patient cards on file will continue to work, and we are working to disable PayEezy from everyone's accounts. This will save customers a $10 monthly fee. This doesn't apply if you signed up for merchant services within the past couple years.

To-Do List

  • When a practice updates their Treatment Plan Reminders frequency in their To-Do List Settings, any clinician with a Treatment Plan that is now out-of-date according to that setting will see a reminder on their To-Do list to update the Treatment Plan.
  • Clinicians will now see reminders on their To-Do list to create Termination Notes for patients who had restarted and subsequently completed treatment after a previous round of treatment was terminated.

Notes, Telehealth, Portal, and Patients

  • Even more text fields throughout our note templates now allow up to 50,000 characters, including the Consultation Note, Contact Note, Missed Appointment Note, Miscellaneous Note, and Process Note. The "Diagnostic justification and/or assessment measures" field for a diagnosis on all relevant notes now also has this significantly increased field size.
  • Telehealth updates were made to improve call reliability and quality.
  • While a patient is completing the Client Insurance Form on the portal, the first and last names of the policy holder are now required if they don't select "self".
  • Searching for a patient's initials in patient search or global search now returns relevant patients.


Thank you to the early adopters who have been set up with ePrescribe and providing us with all their great feedback! Today's release addresses various improvements, primarily related to enrollment and identity proofing for controlled substances. We hope to reach out to everyone who signed up to be an ePrescribe early adopter as quickly as possible. We will make an announcement when we are close to working through the list and able to accept more ePrescribe customers.

* The content of this post is intended to serve as general advice and information. It is not to be taken as legal advice and may not account for all rules and regulations in every jurisdiction. For legal advice, please contact an attorney.


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