Maintenance Release 2024.02

By TherapyNotes, LLC on March 5, 2024

As with all maintenance releases, TherapyNotes 2024.02 includes numerous system-wide improvements including bug fixes, performance enhancements, and usability adjustments. TherapyNotes 2024.02 also includes additional new features that will be announced and enabled shortly. Below are some note-worthy improvements with today’s release.

Generate Claim Files with Payer IDs from Alternate Clearinghouses

TherapyNotes is only programmed to recognize and accept the payer id's used by Change Healthcare. There is a huge overlap between payer id's used by Change Healthcare and other clearinghouses, such as Office Ally, so if you download a claim to send to Office Ally it will usually work. With our recent changes, if you encounter a payer id from an alternate clearinghouse that is different from Change Healthcare's id, submitting this number on the Electronic Claims page is now supported. First, update the payer settings with the new payer id and then submit the claims to generate new claim files. If you already submitted the claim, you will need to resubmit it (as a new claim) after you configure the new payer id.

New Cancellation Reason: Holiday

We've made an improvement to the Missed Appointment note by allowing users to specify "Holiday" as a reason for missing an appointment. 

Insurance Status for Billing Transactions

The Insurance Status column will now display a Pending Note status for any charge that has an incomplete associated note. If you are the clinician, this will link to the note that needs to be completed.

Ins Status Billing Transactions


Supervision Improvements

We’ve made improvements to the billing dropdown for supervision. 'Bill as Supervisor for all payers" is now ‘Bill as Supervisor (Incident-To) for all payers.’ When selected, the user’s supervisor’s credentials will be used for any claims they submit. The rendering clinician’s credentials will not appear on insurance claims when this option is selected. 

Supervision Improvements


ROI Other Description

The Release of Information form has been enhanced to require the patient or patient representative to provide a description when they select "Other" for either the Types of Information to be Shared, or Purpose of Disclosure. The description provided will then be viewable when the practice acknowledges the Release of Information and will be visible on the completed views for both the patient and the practice.

Patient's view when completing the Release of Information on TherapyPortal:
ROI Other Description


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