TherapyNotes™ 4.33: Supervision Billing Enhancements

By TherapyNotes, LLC on February 23, 2018
TherapyNotes 4.33: Supervision Billing Enhancements

TherapyNotes™ now allows for the inclusion of both the rendering provider’s and the supervisor’s information on claims. Whenever a clinician is set to “Include Clinician and Supervisor” for a payer, details about the supervisor’s name, NPI, and license number will be included on corresponding electronic and paper claims along with the clinician’s information. Clinicians who remain set to “Bill As Supervisor” will continue to follow incident-to billing guidelines and submit only the supervisor’s information.

In support of this change, we’ve made it easier to configure supervision settings. These improvements include clearer options when configuring supervision settings for staff users as well as designated “Supervisor Billing” selection on a staff user’s Billing tab and on a payer’s Clinicians tab.

Last week, we moved to the new data center with new networking equipment and servers. We also recently released the new TherapyNotes™ status page so that we can improve communication during any application issues. We are continuing to work hard to to improve the performance and reliability of TherapyNotes. We are also very excited about the next release of TherapyNotes which is scheduled to have some exciting new portal features and more!

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