TherapyNotes™ 4.48: Integrated Patient Information Form

By TherapyNotes, LLC on May 21, 2019

Integrated Patient Information Form

We're excited to introduce the Patient Information Form, a fully-integrated online intake form that you can share with your patients through your patient portal. The Patient Information Form, now available in your practice's Library, includes most of the information you would typically record on the Patient Info tab. Share the form exactly as you would share any other document, and your patient can complete the form directly through the portal. Any information that you've already entered in their Patient Info tab will be pre-populated for them, and your patient can submit revised information as needed. Once your patient completes and submits the form, you'll receive a reminder on your To-Do list to process the form. Any information that your patient entered can be pulled into their Patient Info tab with just two clicks.

To learn more about the Patient Information Form and the future potential for integrated intake forms, read How To: Share and Process the Patient Information Form on our help center.

More Improvements

The following additional improvements have also been released in TherapyNotes™ 4.48:

  • To expand our previously released automated modifier codes feature, the default modifiers that are set for Service Codes, Clinician Billing Setting Overrides, and Multiple Practice Locations will now be automatically aggregated, ordered, and applied to CMS-1500 forms. Previously, this feature was only available for electronic claims.
  • When creating a new patient, TherapyNotes™ previously selected English automatically for the patient's Language. Recognizing that practices may not wish to collect language information or may otherwise want to avoid defaulting to English for every client, we've removed this default.
  • When viewing items that are set to be marked as externally submitted, you will now see an alert if your search filters are obscuring older items that still need to be marked as externally submitted.
  • We've corrected a real time eligibility issue in which some payers were rejecting eligibility requests for patients that are recorded as dependents on their insurance plan in TherapyNotes™.

Additionally, we have fixed the issue which caused customers to be overcharged for claims and ERAs. We had previously paused charging for claims and ERAs on March 1 upon learning of the issue. Each practice's previous subscription renewal bills have been corrected, and many customers may have account credits which will be applied automatically to your next bill. We have resumed normal charging for claims and ERAs with this release.

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