What's New 4.60: Online Credit Card Authorization, New Telehealth Features, and So Much More!

By TherapyNotes, LLC on August 26, 2020

TherapyNotes™ 4.60 is a massive update with many noteworthy enhancements for the portal, telehealth, and more.

Payment Authorization Form

The new Payment Authorization Form allows your clients to put their credit card on file online. The patient provides their credit card details and electronically signs a credit card authorization when submitting the form. The credit card is then authorized with the credit card processor and automatically put on file in the patient’s Billing Settings, ready to be charged! This form is automatically processed and no merge is necessary. The Payment Authorization Form is now available in your Library to send as part of your intake process or at any time. You must be enrolled for TherapyNotes™ credit card processing to utilize this feature.

Portal Requests Report

The new Portal Requests page allows you to review all portal requests that have been sent to your patients. You can now quickly find responses that need processing or review requests that patients have not yet completed. If you are a Scheduler and a Clinician, it’s easy to switch between viewing all patients in the practice and viewing only your own patient’s requests.

TherapyPortal™ Design Enhancements

  • Your portal’s home page now has a prominent "Log In" button to improve ease of use.
  • Your practice’s logo is now prominently displayed on the Log In page of your portal. Previously, this was only displayed on your portal home page.
  • Button colors on the portal have been adjusted to improve readability based on your color selections.
  • The portal’s content area now has rounded corners for a cleaner appearance.
  • The button for a patient to undo a request to cancel an appointment has been renamed from "Cancel this Request" to "Don't Cancel Appointment" to avoid confusion.


  • Telehealth participants can now move their view of themselves to any corner or top center of the browser, per their preference. This view can also be minimized so that the participant can dedicate their attention to the person they're in session with.
  • If a participant in a telehealth call disconnects from the session, the other participant now remains connected for a period of time so there is an opportunity for the disconnected participant to rejoin the session seamlessly. This removes the need for both participants to leave and rejoin the session.
  • If either participants' network connection is poor, both participants will see a message at the bottom of the screen to indicate this.
  • When joining a telehealth session, the buttons have been renamed from "Start Telehealth Session" to "Start Telehealth" and "Join Session" to "I’m Ready."
  • The preview display for checking your audio and video before connecting has been redesigned to be clearer and more streamlined.
  • The buttons for muting yourself or disabling your camera in a session have been updated to be more apparent when you are muted or hidden.
  • Telehealth now works for Safari 11 users. Although we recommend using up-to-date browsers, we were able to resolve an issue for this older browser.
  • TherapyNotes™ subscription billing history and invoices will now show telehealth charges, although they will show as free until charging begins.

Reminder: We will begin charging for telehealth on September 1, 2020 (unless you are still in your trial period, in which case it will continue to be free). Telehealth is only 24¢ per hour.


  • We reintroduced a feature in which appointments for inactive clinicians will be displayed in the schedule. We added this feature in the previous release, but it was quickly removed due to usability concerns. With this update, inactive clinicians’ appointments will only be displayed if looking at the appointments for all clinicians.
  • A patient’s Schedule Summary now links to the current appointment instead of the next appointment if the current appointment is still occurring. This resolves some confusion clinicians had trying to find the current appointment to start a telehealth session.


  • In a Billing search the Rate column will show as "Not Set" instead of $0.00 when a rate has not been set.

Activity Log

  • The categories for the activity log are now grouped by topic and better sorted, making the activity log much easier to use.
  • Real-time eligibility requests are now represented in the activity log. This includes when requests are made, when responses are viewed, and when the status of the request changes.

* The content of this post is intended to serve as general advice and information. It is not to be taken as legal advice and may not account for all rules and regulations in every jurisdiction. For legal advice, please contact an attorney.


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