What's New 4.66: Maintenance Release

By TherapyNotes, LLC on March 10, 2021
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TherapyNotes™ 4.66 is a smaller release primarily focused on TherapyNotes™ Telehealth and TherapyPortal™ improvements. Meanwhile, we are gearing up to release several major features very soon!

Portal and Appointment Reminders

  • The “Patient Contacts Form” and the “Patient Information Form” have been renamed to “Client Contacts Form” and “Client Information Form.”
  • Completed portal forms can now be downloaded as PDF files by both the clinician in TherapyNotes™ and the client on TherapyPortal™. You may also include these completed forms when downloading multiple documents for a patient.
  • Customizing a portal form's settings is now recorded in your practice's activity log.
  • Appointment reminder emails now have a link to a page for more information about the appointment, even if your practice doesn’t use the patient portal.


  • Telehealth participants can now change their camera and microphone during a session. Simply click or tap the tab to open the control tray, and select the device you want to use from the Camera or Microphone dropdown.
  • TherapyNotes™ Telehealth will now remember your camera and microphone selections between sessions so that you don’t need to select them each time.


  • An architectural change was made that significantly improves performance for a number of Billing features, particularly when viewing a list of items such as billing transactions or claims that are ready to submit.


  • Weekly and Monthly views now more clearly identify the clinician for appointments and vacations by adding their initials when applicable.
  • Both the Week view’s header and the Agenda view’s left column were redesigned to be more concise and space-efficient.

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