What’s New 4.67: Note Enhancements, Client History Form, and Screen Share!

By TherapyNotes, LLC on April 14, 2021

There is a lot to be excited about with today’s release, which includes significant note template enhancements, the new Client History Form, Telehealth Screen Sharing, and numerous scheduling improvements!

Note Template Enhancements

After months of research, reviewing audit templates from a wide variety of insurance companies, suggestions from our customers, and best practice guidelines from professional organizations, we’ve updated our Progress Note and Intake Note templates for both psychotherapists and prescribers. There are numerous improvements including the all-new Risk Assessment section and the ability for prescribers to capture vital signs.

For a breakdown of all the improvements, read TherapyNotes™ 4.67 Note Template Updates on our blog. 

Perhaps most exciting is that clinicians can easily copy over information from the client’s completed Client History Form, our latest portal form. To do so, use the History button while completing your Intake Note’s Biopsychosocial Assessment section.

Client History Form

The Client History Form is a new intake form you can send your patients on the portal to collect information about their presenting issue and relevant biopsychosocial history. We encourage you to preview this document in your Library and decide if you want to start sending this as part of the intake process.

  • The practice can customize this form by hiding questions or customizing the sub-questions as needed for your practice.
  • The data entered on this form can automatically feed into the enhanced Intake Notes with the History button.
  • Schedulers can send this form to patients, but because the completed form from the patient will have clinical information, only assigned clinicians can view the response.

Telehealth Screen Sharing

TherapyNotes™ Telehealth continues to get better. While on a telehealth call, click the new Screen Share button to share your screen with your client. Here are some important details:

  • Only clinicians can share their screen, not the patient, at least for now.
  • Your screen share replaces your video feed, so the patient can’t see you and your screen at the same time. We have plans to improve this in the future.
  • You cannot share your screen on mobile devices or iPads due to limitations of these devices. However, patients using these devices are able to see what you share.
  • Mac users, please note that the Safari web browser only allows you to share your entire screen, so be mindful of any private information you may have open. This is a limitation of the web browser and is not something we can address. We recommend Chrome or Firefox if you want to share only specific windows or applications on a Mac.


We are continuing our momentum to improve Scheduling features of TherapyNotes™, particularly for very large practices.

  • When creating an appointment, the Clinician field has been dramatically improved, allowing you to type a clinician name rather than finding them in a very long dropdown list.
  • The tooltip for an appointment (what you see when you point your arrow at an appointment and wait) now displays the appointment’s location or if it is a telehealth appointment.
  • When creating Scheduled Events and Vacations the end date automatically defaults to the start date, making it faster to create these events.
  • TherapyNotes™ now recommends all-day events when creating a vacation longer than 3 hours. If a clinician is off for the day, it can be more effective to create an all-day vacation day rather than a vacation that just covers their work hours. This creates a less cluttered calendar view, especially for a scheduler at a large group.
  • The Agenda view, appointment tooltips, and the printed calendar show any patient reminders. Previously, for a group therapy appointment, it wasn’t clear which patient the reminder referred to. Now, the patient’s abbreviated name has been added so that this is more clear.
  • When a scheduler is looking at day view and there is not enough space to show all clinicians, TherapyNotes™ may automatically hide clinicians with no appointments that day. With this update, TherapyNotes™ is now smarter about hiding clinicians who are on vacation that day.
  • In the Week view, the current day is now highlighted so that it’s easier to find today at a glance.

And More

  • The client portal’s appointment pages have been redesigned to be cleaner and have clearer details regarding location and telehealth for your clients.
  • We fixed an issue which could sometimes cause a TherapyNotes™ login screen to appear during a telehealth call.

* The content of this post is intended to serve as general advice and information. It is not to be taken as legal advice and may not account for all rules and regulations in every jurisdiction. For legal advice, please contact an attorney.


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