What's New 5.5: Maintenance Release

By TherapyNotes, LLC on August 11, 2022

TherapyNotes 5.5 is a maintenance release with enhancements throughout several areas, including billing, payers, and patients. Look for some major features to be released soon!


  • Improvements have been made to the appointment dialog billing tab to make it easier to see which actions should be taken. For example, with in network billing, if the Pt Amt is 0, Write Off will not be an option. If you change Patient Paid from blank or $0 to a positive amount, the Write Off box will not be automatically selected. Also, if the Pt Amt is blank, instructions will appear in parentheses prompting you to enter a rate to see the calculated patient amount.

Enter rate to see pt amt


  • We have added the ability to more fully edit a patient’s insurance policy, including changing the Payer and Member ID, even if claims have already been submitted. This will allow you to make corrections if the policy was originally entered incorrectly without having to start over. However, when patients get a new insurance plan, you should always create new policies and not edit existing policies. In addition, when editing a payer associated with a paid or partially paid claim, a help icon will now appear next to Relationship to show which policy holder is used on a paid claim.
  • We’ve adjusted the upper-right section of the patient header, where we show their next appointment time and other information, to allow more space to display the patient’s name.

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