What's New: NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scale–Parent Informant (VADRS) Outcome Measure

By TherapyNotes, LLC on April 10, 2024

We are pleased to add the NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scale–Parent Informant (VADRS) to our outcome measure library. The VADRS assesses symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children ages 6-12 years old and is completed by parents/guardians. Like all outcome measures, this can be shared to a patient’s portal and completed in English or Spanish. Completed outcome measures will be available in the patient’s chart and can be printed or downloaded.  

Unlike other outcome measures, the VADRS is split into two assessments that work together, the Initial Assessment and the Follow-up Assessment. The Initial Assessment characterizes the presence and frequency of ADHD symptoms in the child, screens for additional concerns (conduct disorder, oppositional-defiant disorder, and anxiety/depression), and provides information on the child's performance in various academic and social domains. The Follow-up Assessment provides information about changes in symptoms from the Initial assessment, changes in the child's performance in various domains, and presence of various side effects.


Both versions can be shared in TherapyPortal. Use the dropdown to select the version of the VADRS the patient should complete.


The VADRS can also be made Always Available in TherapyPortal. TherapyPortal will automatically offer the Initial Assessment if there is no record of a completed VADRS in the patient’s chart. TherapyPortal will display the Follow-up Assessment if there is a record of any completed VADRS (initial or follow-up version) in the patient’s chart.

TherapyNotes will display either “Initial” or “Follow-up” alongside the title of the outcome measure so that practices and portal users can easily tell which version of the VADRS was completed. 

Though not available yet, we are actively working to make both versions of the VADRS available as clinician-administered outcome measures soon.

Additional Updates Released This Morning

  • The To-Do list now remembers the last tab you were on, so it will be fewer clicks to get to your next action item.
  • Claims now show what clearinghouse was used to send the claim. All claims are going out now with CLAIM.MD, but this can be useful for troubleshooting.
  • The issue where a portal welcome message with certain characters could cause a black screen for your patient has been fixed.

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