TherapyNotes 4.15: Cancel and Reschedule Appointments on TherapyPortal

By TherapyNotes, LLC on August 10, 2016

TherapyNotes Version 4.15

Cancel and Reschedule on TherapyPortal

If enabled by the practice, clients can now cancel or reschedule appointments on your client portal. Clinicians and schedulers are alerted whenever a client requests a cancellation or requests to reschedule an existing appointment. Numerous client portal interface improvements accompany this new feature, making it easier for clients to view their upcoming appointments and the status of their requests. Enable this feature from the Client Portal settings page.

Updates to Rate Schedules

Rate schedules are now optional. Users should enter a standard rate for each service code under the practice's Service Codes settings page, where "Default Cash or Out-of-Network Rate" has been renamed to "Standard Rate." Previously, TherapyNotes required users to input contracted rates for payers per service code in order to bill for each service. Now, if you do not enter a rate schedule for a payer, TherapyNotes automatically uses the standard rate on claims. The Rate Schedules tab for payers has been redesigned to simplify the use of standard rates. The "Write Off Balance" was renamed "Accept Adjustment" for insurance payments, and this will usually be checked by default when entering a payment. Be mindful of this change when entering payments moving forward. These changes make it much easier to manage your billing, as you no longer need to enter separate rates for every payer, or be concerned about keeping these rates up-to-date.

Multiple Diagnoses Support on EDI Claims

EDI claims now support multiple diagnosis codes. When submitting EDI claims, users can choose to include up to four diagnosis codes or only the primary diagnosis code per service. The number of diagnosis codes that appear on EDI claims by default can be set from the Practice Billing settings page.

New Languages Added

Creole, French Creole, Kurdish, Luganda, Maori, and Tagalog are now available language options for clients and clinicians.

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